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RIP Holding Page
RIP Holding Page
Holding page

RIP Holding Page

After three years of being on hold, someone has finally answered. Massive thanks to Mike Stephens for building the site—he's done an amazing job (as per usual). I hope you enjoy having a look through the site. I'm not quite sure what else I should write, so here's some copy I stole from my About page…

This is the portfolio of graphic designer, Tom Heaton MISTD. The site will hopefully act as a catalyst for creativity—giving me a kick up the backside to produce more portfolio-worthy designs—and at the very least, showcase my recent work. There are a mixture of projects featured; including freelance, self-initiated and some from my time at Raw.

These introductory paragraphs are famously awkward for designers to write–how does one describe one's work or methodology without sounding pretentious, egotistical or on the other hand, self-depricating? Here goes…

I am concept-focussed with a love of wit and intelligence in design. I lean more towards Crouwel than Carson, favouring strong grids and pristine typography. Simplicity is harmony.

The holding page can still be found here.